Why choose ICREATE as incubators in INDIA?


ICREATE is Incubators in INDIA. Its incubation process not only provides the startup with motivating  environment, quality and expert mentoring, and a livelihood structure, it also help them cultivate their business model and get access to an cost-effective, yet proficient and skilled working space.

We see some virtues in startup as we come in contact with them. We lead them with community and many other incubation processes. It is important for us that entrepreneur mentors that we provide for entrepreneur mentoring, takes you seriously and values your time. We also want you to value your mentors’ time and guidance that they provide.
As incubators in India, We are bound to provide an ecosystem for startups, where multiple entrepreneurs grow and learn simultaneously.

We understand that incubators like us play an important role in nurturing and cultivating any startup. And therefore we work hard to improve and provide what we can to entrepreneur and help them to reach their goal faster. It will also improve the success rate of our firm and increase the productivity of startup.
We understand that startups are not predictable or conventional business. As we understand that conventional business look for simple return on investment in short period of time while on the other hand startups are about balance, rules and unit of economics after a long incubation of time. There are very few who understands the rules and regulations behind a successful startup.

We also understand that success rate for any incubation business is low. It is also very important for the incubation management to have huge network of expert resources and business support from academic institutions, large corporations and industries.



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