ICREATE | An organization that helps startup and entrepreneurs as business Incubators in INDIA.

Incubators and Accelerators:


We are the incubators and the accelerators that setups to incubate any business idea. We are leading the startups and entrepreneurs to develop a business idea or make an example or prototype by providing resources, funding and services. For startups and entrepreneurs this is a very good way to start their dream project because it makes survival rate for such incubated companies very high.

As BUSINESS INCUBATORS INDIA ICREATE offers office space, Admin support, legal compliance, management training, entrepreneurship mentoring and access to industry experts (Entrepreneurship Mentors). Also we provide funding through angel investors or VCs. We provide entire logistics and external support so that startup incubators and entrepreneurs can focus on actual work and essentials without worrying about other stuffs.

One has to provide an application to programs such as Entrepreneur Courses, Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program and Entrepreneur Grooming Program. We occasionally provide and offer some other programs also. So you have to apply for these courses and programs to enroll into iCreate. After applying for enrollment the application goes to different phases for selection and depending on that you can get selected and funded. It also depends on the quality and feasibility of the idea and conditions of the project.

The accelerators are mostly similar as incubators. The different is that they help speed up and improve the business idea in short amount of time. The focus is on intense entrepreneur mentoring and building contacts, getting more investors for business, And also to get help for product development and marketing. Their admission procedure is also tougher and more modest than others.


Advantages & Limitations:

Icreate offers high quality advice and training for entrepreneurs and startups and facilitates funding for them. It also makes sure that they have higher survival rate after receiving the funds.

Startups generally do not have much control over the funding since incubators oversee the investors that they meet.


Entrepreneur Courses






Courtesy: Weebly Blog


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