For Startup Business and Entrepreneurs, How to avoid funding rejections?


There are many ways to get funding and you can search online detailed information about it and all the procedure related to the funding. But even after that many startups and entrepreneurs hesitate and falter at the first stage to get and secure funding for them.

The simple reason behind it can be their unplanned, unrealistic, impractical and ill-conceived strategy. This kind of approach can result in instant rejection for them.


To ensure your funding you must follow steps like below:


It is said that “It is easy to get funds from across the country, but be careful and pay attention to proximity”. One you start your operations it will be easier for local investors to check and add extra value in it, especially in the early stages of the operation.

Industry Preference

You have to shortlist VCs and angel investors as per their area of expertise and liking. It won’t be helpful if the funding you want for technology but the investors are in favor of traveling. So choose them wisely.



Funding Stage

Funding stages are important as there are many stages from start till you become successful and even after that. Depending on that you have to choose VCs and Investors. For example there are some VCs and Investors that only supports startup at the early stage like seed stage and other who supports growth or late stage development. So if you approach the VC or investor, who only funds or backs the seed venture, when you require growth or late stage development funding than the rejection for your project is guaranteed.

Fund Limit

There are limitations to the funds that you can get depending on VCs and Angel investments. Because even they can have limitation for funding that they can provide to any startup or entrepreneurs. Therefore choose the VC or Investor as per your funding limit and requirement so that your work can go smoothly without any problem of funds.

The other Steps will be shown in part 2 of this topic.

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